Yoga is my main form of movement. My practice brings me physical awareness in the postures that helps me identify where I am compensating and need to build strength. This awareness informs how I move in my daily life off the mat. Simple movements like bending over to pick something up or sitting in a chair are essential to life. When performed in an inefficient manner, ineffective patterns of movement are formed and can lead to injuries later on.

Proper alignment in yoga asanas is my passion. I feel a focus on proper alignment is the best way to build a strong practice that lasts a lifetime. Here I share my thoughts and observations of patterns I recognize in myself and my students as well as breakdowns of poses that you can incorporate into your own yoga practice or life movements.

I teach Tuesdays at 12 noon at The Yoga Movement 4931 Airline Rd, Dallas, TX 75205 Come join me and we can work on alignment together!

Yoga Foundations: Plank to Chaturanga